Dynamic Concealed Carry

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DYNAMIC CCW COURSE is designed for the responsible gun owner who already possesses a concealed carry permit or has completed a CCW course. This course is challenging and fast paced. Students will be tested on their ability to problem solve during the course.

Students will be placed under stress during the course and must be able to articulate their actions to instructors. This course is designed to train the students to deal with a violent encounter and understand how to deal with the aftermath of the judicial system. This is an 8-hour course of instruction.
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Gear list:
1) Firearm and spare magazine
2) Belt
3) Eye and ear protection
4) 200-300 rounds of ammunition
5) Lunch and Extra water
6) Pad and pen

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Dynamic Concealed Carry
Dynamic Concealed Carry


I have taken many firearms courses in my life, this one by far has been the best.

D. Evans

I'm five feet tall and shy, I pretty much kept to myself out in public. This training helped me really understand situational awarnes and the color codes. Excellent class.

M. Heath

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