1 Hour Range Session

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Get in some trigger time with our state of the art Simulated IR Firing Range! Only $17.70 Per Shooter. 


Why Laser training you ask? 

Shooting is a Deteriorating Skill. Studies have shown that in as little as one week after leaving the range, the average shooter's skills will diminish by as much as 20%.

The Solution: Dry Fire

Dry Firing allows a shooter to continually practice, maintaining, and improving their skills while away from the range.

The Catch

Results of a good shoot are easy to see at the range where bullet holes indicate where we hit the target. But range time and ammo can quickly become cost-prohibitive. This is where dry fire practice really shines, but there’s a problem: If the shooter can’t see his errors in dry fire, he can’t correct them.

The LaserTraining Advantage

With our Laser Cartridge, you can develop, improve, and maintain your shooting skills using your favorite firearms. Practicing your stance, gun presentation, sight alignment, sight picture, breath control, trigger pull, and follow-through was never easier.

1 Hour Range Session


I have taken many firearms courses in my life, this one by far has been the best.

D. Evans

I'm five feet tall and shy, I pretty much kept to myself out in public. This training helped me really understand situational awarnes and the color codes. Excellent class.

M. Heath

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